4th International Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Science and Engineering

Barcelona, Spain, January 30- February 1, 2024,
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Special Session

Nonlinear Operator Theory and Its Applications

Title: Applications of Artificial Intelligent Networks and Communication Systems (AAINCS)
Organiser-Chairman: Prof. Tan-Hsu-Tan, Prof. Rung-Ching Chen, Prof. Yung-Fa Huang
Taipei University of Technology, Chaoyang University of Technology, Chaoyang University of Technology

Aim: This Special Session is organized for the emerging research, applications, and problems in the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Wireless Advanced communication Networking fields. The explosive data growth from wireless and advanced networks can be highly unstructured, heterogeneous, and unpredictable. AI techniques have been applied in almost every domain. Also, the emerging technologies and issues in the areas of wireless and multimedia applications and networking issues for 5G/Beyond 5G are all within the scope of this Special Session. This Special Session will focus on the prospective technologies, models, systems and applications in AI, IoTs, 5G and advanced networking areas. The aim is to collect the most recent advances in AI research for Wireless Networking fields. This session (AAINCS) will bring researchers and experts together to present and discuss the latest developments and technical solutions concerning various aspects of advances in communication technologies.

- Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Wired and wireless networking
- Machine learning systems
- Distributed AI algorithms and techniques
- 5G and wireless advanced networking
- Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
- Ultrareliable low-latency communication
- Internet of Things (IoTs) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
- Fault-tolerant issues in advanced networking
- Cloud/edge computing
- QoS/QoE performance evaluation
- Network architectures and protocols
- Mobility management and topology control
- Cognitive radio enhanced vehicular communications
- Applications, case studies, and real-world test beds
- Application of software defined network in advanced communication systems
- Mobile/aerial communication and computing
- Self-organizing networks and autonomic communications
- Ultra-wideband technologies
- Beam-forming and MIMO for interference avoidance in the CR context
- Adaptive wireless communication systems
- Spectrum sensing techniques, spectrum efficiency and soft spectrum usage
- Parameter estimation for adaptation of wireless communication systems
- Interference mitigation and awareness

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